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Who Are We

http://chennaitrekkers.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"http:////chennaitrekkers.org//activities//ainthinai///" Contracts For Women Advocacy is a non-profit organization focusing on identifying and implementing strategies designed to  increase economic prosperity for women owned businesses via government and corporate contract opportunities.   Contracts For Women Advocacy was formed because in spite of existing business development programs, financing and contracting programs designed to level the playing field; total revenues of  Women Owned Business still lag in a disproportionate amount behind total revenues of male owned businesses and there is little or no growth of women owned employer firms.

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Contracts for Women Advocacy seeks to form collaborations and “THINK TANKS”  with Government and Corporate Contracting Leaders, Financial Institutions, Women Business and Professional Organization Leaders, Business Development Centers, Community Leaders,  Women Business Owners and other key to meet its mission.

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