SBA Advocacy News Update

SBA Chief Counsel

As Acting Chief Counsel in the Office of Advocacy at the U.S. Small Business Administration, (SBA), Ms. Rodgers advances the views, concerns and interests of small business before Congress, the White House, federal agencies, federal courts and policymakers. She continues her role as Advocacy’s deputy chief counsel in which she coordinates and manages the daily operations and the statutory responsibilities of the office, including setting goals and standards for achieving Advocacy’s mission of encouraging policies that support the development and growth of small business. Furthermore, she coordinates presidential executive orders (EO) and congressional mandates as they affect the Office of Advocacy and is the lead on Regulatory Flexibility Act training and regulatory matters as they relate to EO coordination. Ms. Rodgers has been with the Office of Advocacy for 18 years. Prior to her role as deputy chief counsel, she was the Assistant Chief Counsel for Occupational and Industrial Safety, where she monitored safety regulations proposed by numerous federal agencies.

Over the past 21 years, Ms. Rodgers government service has included the Small Business Administration, the Domestic Policy Council at the White House and the Economic Development Administration at the U.S.  Department of Commerce.